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The Grand Haven Schools Foundation is opening up a whole new world for children in our community. Here’s what some parents of scholarship recipients have said about the difference a scholarship has made for their children.

My husband was on disability

“Thank you so much for making it possible for Kyle to attend your program.  His father was placed on disability and has been very ill in the past year.  It is wonderful to receive the help with tuition to make it possible. Kyle really enjoys everything about the school. Thanks again.”

I didn’t want to tell them they couldn’t attend

“I am writing in regards to the preschool scholarship that my twin boys, Jacob and Ethan, received this year.  I struggled this year trying to figure out how I was going to be able to afford to put them in school, and I didn’t want to have to tell them that they couldn’t go this year, as all their friends were already enrolled.  They are extremely smart children and I am glad I don’t have to hold them back. Again we are truly grateful for the private donations set up for the scholarship program, children get so excited about entering into school and learning at such a young age, and you have helped us have the opportunity to experience this!”

Preschool has changed our bedtime ritual

“…At the end of each evening, as I’m tucking him into bed, we sit and talk about our day. He is quick to ask me how my day was, and as I answer, he quietly anticipates my returning question.  His enthusiasm about what he did that day and about seeing his friends at school just lights up his eyes and his smile could not be any bigger, nor could it be more contagious. –Thank you, from the bottom of my heart for this amazing chance you have given to me and my son.  Without your generosity and large hearts, I would not have been able to afford to give my son the possibility of growing as a child. Thank You!”

My salary only stretches so far

“A pastor’s salary only stretches so far, and after missing a few paychecks in the last year, we were unsure how our son’s school would be paid for. Our son has benefited greatly from the socialization with other children and adults.  He has also gained more confidence in his learning.  Numbers and letters he knew only in sequence before school he can already identify in random order after only one session in GHAPS preschool! We are positive our son will not only enter kindergarten on track to learn at the same pace as other children, but will be ahead of the curve! Thank you for giving our child the opportunity to learn and thrive in the first-rate environment of GHAPS preschool.”

Note: The names of children have been changed to protect their privacy.