About Us

Mission: To support education initiatives that increase school readiness and promote continued educational success throughout the preschool-fourth grade experience.

Vision: Every child in our community will enter Grand Haven Area Public Schools ready to learn and prepared for better student outcomes, and with a foundation that supports lifetime learning and success.



Education: GHSF seizes the opportunity to impact children early, when the window of opportunity is greatest. By funding preschool scholarships, kindergarten readiness efforts, and school enrichment programs, a child’s education foundation will be set for even greater learning.

Family: GHSF recognizes that parents are their children’s first teachers. It  is our desire to help parents provide opportunities for their children to be kindergarten-ready and for their families to make a seamless transition into the school system.

Community: GHSF values the support of our schools’ administrators, faculty, staff, students, alumni, local organizations, businesses and community members. Together we can help more children succeed early on and help them reach and surpass their potential as students, employees and citizens.

Stewardship: Our stewardship commitment embraces our values and respects our donors as partners. We are grateful to our supports for their generosity, and we are honored to manage their intentions and gifts to help move our mission forward.