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About The Hall of Fame

Grand Haven High School
Hall of Fame

The GHHS Hall of Fame, hosted by the Grand Haven Schools Foundation (GHSF), was established in 2008 to honor graduates as well as those who have served our school district. Every three years, the Foundation honors and celebrates the success achieved by the selected Hall of Fame inductees by hosting an induction dinner and ceremony.

Our next Hall of Fame induction dinner and ceremony will take place in November 2025.

View 2022 Inductees Here

As GHSF’s largest fundraiser, the GHHS Hall of Fame allows the Foundation to further its mission to support a quality education for students through funding initiatives that help empower learning. We support academic readiness, lifetime learning and success for all.

Hall of Fame Nominations

What outstanding individual (or team) do you wish to nominate?

Nomination InstructionsNomination Form
  • Anyone may nominate a candidate. You do not have to be a graduate of GHHS/Central High School or a resident of the community to nominate.
  • Those nominated for Categories 1-4 must have graduated from GHHS or CHS no later than 2015.
  • Category 5 does not carry a GHHS/CHS graduation requirement.
  • Posthumous awards may be granted in each category.
  • Completed nomination forms and documentation are due by March 31 of each Hall of Fame year.
  • The GHHS Hall of Fame Advisory Council will carefully review each nomination and then vote to select inductees.
  • Chosen inductees will be notified of their selection the month of June of each Hall of Fame year.
  • The next Hall of Fame Induction Dinner will be held in November 2025 at the Spring Lake Country Club.

Categories for Nomination:

I. Cultural/Performing Arts: This individual will be recognized for achievement in the cultural, visual, or performing arts and/or contributions to the promotion of cultural activities on a local, state or national level.

II. Athletic Accomplishments: This individual or team (one female or all girls’ team and one male or all boys’ team chosen) will be recognized for outstanding athletic accomplishments while attending GHHS/CHS and/or at the college, semi-professional, or professional levels.

III. Academic/Career Accomplishments: This individual will be recognized for achievement in his or her profession which has resulted in a direct and significant impact in their field. He or she has demonstrated unique talents and/or accomplishments.

IV. Service to the Grand Haven Area Public Schools/Society: This individual is recognized for service to the Grand Haven Area Public Schools or to society by sustained example or contribution, and by serving as a major influence in the lives of Grand Haven students or in the community/society through acts of leadership.

V. Honorary Award for Service to GHAPS: This individual is recognized for special contributions and service to Grand Haven Area Public Schools and its students. This candidate does not have to be a graduate of Grand Haven High School/Central High School.

Please send completed nomination form and any supporting documentation to:
Grand Haven Schools Foundation
P.O. Box 272
Grand Haven, MI 49417

Or Hand-Deliver to:
Grand Haven Education Service Center
1415 S. Beechtree Street
Grand Haven, MI 49417

Questions? Please contact:
Susan Bays | Executive Director | Grand Haven Schools Foundation
Phone: (616) 850-5066  Email Address: