Donor List

Honor Roll of Donors (as of June 30, 2016)
We recognize and thank the following generous supporters. If we omitted or misspelled a name, we apologize and invite you to contact us at (616) 850-5066 to correct our error.


Sherwood, Lynne


JSJ Foundation


JSJ Foundation
Marion A. and Ruth K. Sherwood Family Fund


Anderson, Len and Wanda
Carlyle, John and Nancy
Grand Haven Rotary Club
Johnson, F. Martin and Dorothy
Shape Corporation


100 (or More) Women Who Care
Bolling, Donald and Barbara
Jacobson, Mary
Jacobson, Nelson and Lana
Mary Ann Sherwood Fund
Reinsma, Tom and Gretchen
Suchecki, Ruth
Zolik, Michael and Sasha


Barbara and Miller Sherwood Family Advised Fund
Bluefield Engineered Systems / Susan and Mark Blauvelt
Freshwater Digital Media Partners
GHHS Class of 1953
GHHS Class of 1977
GHHS Class of 1978
Harbor Industries, Inc.
Jonas, Roger and Susan
Monarch Holdings
North Ottawa Community Health Systems
Overway, Roy and Joyce
Ringelberg, Tom and Gail
Seaver Finishing, Inc.
The James A. Doss Family Fund
Tourison, Asher and Jackie
Verplank, Gary


Anderson, Don and Cindy
Automatic Spring Products Corp.
Brink, Mrs. Gerrit
Brown, James and Jane
Draft, Joyce
GHHS Class of 1963
Grand Haven Area Community Foundation
Health Zone Chiropractic
Hoffman, Bud and Charyn
Investment Property Associates, Inc.
Kirby House
Lepard, John and Nancy
Lock, Donna
Moreland, Darell and Phyllis
Nagy, Frank
Northwestern Mutual
Scholten Fant
Sherwood, Marilyn and Budge
Structural Concepts
Varnum Law, LLP
Verplank, Tony and Monica
Withun, Paul and Leslie


Baker, Bruce and Christine
Casemier-Johnson, Cyndi
Centennial Securities, Inc.
Chemical Bank
Erickson, Martha
Feenstra, Fernon
Formsma, Ken and Jan
Grand Haven Custom Molding
Hoffman, Joan
Howard Miller Company
Kurburski, Jeff and Kelly
Mary E. Wilsberg Scholarship Fund
McKeough, Michael and Ms. Nina McKeough
MS Metal Solutions
PNC Financial Services Group
Reenders, Scott and Julie / Heritage Property Management
Richardson, John and Kathy
Swart, Bob and June
The Bank of Holland
Werksma, Henry and Louann
West Michigan Molding, Inc.
West Michigan Roofing and Construction
Wilson, Stephen and Tracy


Alguire, Tom and Mary Kay
Anderson Technologies
Anderson, Don and Charlotte
Beach, Elaine
Bedford, Bill and Carol
Cannon, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. George
Cassis, Stacey
Clay, Gerald and Toni
Creason, Mary
Creswell, Tom and Michelle
Fifth Third Bank
First of America Bank Corporation
Fredricks, Maury and Karen
GHHS Class of 1955
GHHS Class of 1957
GHHS Class of 1958
Gordon V. and Helen C. Smith Foundation
Grand Haven Bone and Joint
Hartman, Donna
Hoffman, Jonathan
Horizon Medical PC
Houle, Julia
Huber, Paul and Sandy
Hughes, Donald and Ladonna
Jacobson, Steven and Edit
Jennings, Martin and Terri
Klaassen, David and Sandra
Konarska, Keith and Patti
Lakeshore Fittings, Inc.
Marod, Rich and Mary
Martin, Dan and Wynne
Matzen, Dave and Mary Lou
McLaughlin, Larry and Anne
Monetza, Robert
Moore, Richard
National City Bank
Old Boys Brewhouse, Inc
Olds, Matt and Kathy
Paul A. Johnson Foundation
Peel, Richard and Liz
Redeker, Bill and Aileen
Ruscett, Ron and Sylvia
School Zone Publishing Co.
Secory, Mike and Peggy
Seibold, David and Dottie
Sherwood, Pete and Gordeen
Siemion, John and Wendy
Stanco Metal Products
Streng, Dan and Holly
Tabor, Dan and Ann
The Challenge Machinery Company
The Employment Group
Verplank, Midge
Weber, Walt and Daphne
Witherell, Gerry and Marcia


Appletree Answering Services, Inc.
Billups, Tom and Julie
Clickner, John and JoAnne
Columbian Enterprises
Comor-Jacobs, Annie
D. Baker and Sons Lumber
Evink, Steve and Mary Jane
Gazelle Sports
Grand Haven Area Public Schools
Grand Haven Bank
Grand Haven Education Association
Ivey, Susan
Johnson, Bari
Katt, Roger and Sandy
Klaassen Funeral Home
Lambourne, George and Barbara
Lemay, Barry and Christine
Luckey, Dan and Lisa
Mann, Robert and Debra
Marshall Goldsmith, Inc.
M & T Real Estate
Neef, Richard
Nietering, Robert and Caralee
Oliver, Jordan and Ed
Papanoli, Karen
Porter, Craig and Coreen
Poulton, Ted and Shirley
Pulver Chiropractic
Richert Farm
Richert, Ora and Theresa
Rosy Mound PTA
Schember, Doris
Steffel, Jim and Sheila
Steinlage, Bob
Streng, Tom and Sabina
Tri-Cities Kiwanis
Two Tonys Taverna Grille
Vander Kamp Leasing
VanDyke, Jim and Sharon
Vargo, Donna
Wagenmaker,Bob and Deb
Zapytowski, Joseph and Jean


Achterhof, Kenneth and Shirlee
Akin, Alice
Alt, Mr. and Mrs. William
Anderson, Ron and Nancy
Andreasen, John and Rose
Augustyn, George and Kate
Baird Foundation, Inc.
Bakker, Dirk and Rebecca
Bankruptcy EDM
Beach, Curt and Beth
Bedford, Sharon
Bennink, Carroll and Dottie
Benson, Steve and Karen
Beswick, Jeff and Tammy
Beukema, Mr. and Mrs. John
Birtwistle, Jolly
Blanding, Kevin
Boon, David and Yvonne
Boon, Maurice
Bosman, Cal and Evie
Bright, Walter and Margaret
Brink, Budd and Melinda
Brown, Mary
Brown, Tom
Bylenga, Blake and Donna
Campbell, Henni
Cansfield, Bill and Kay
Carol & Company
Charles Stewart Mott Foundation
Chase Bank
Chittenden, Jamie
City of Grand Haven Employees
Clark, David
Coffey, James and Margaret
Cole, Richard and Gay
Community Shores Bank
Conover, Jev and Susie
Creason, Kennard and Wendy
Dahlstrom, Donald and Kathy
Danicek, Joe and Lisa
Dean, Bill
Deater, Tom and Beth
Desserts By Design
DeWitt, Barb
Draeger, Bob and Pam
Eddy, Melvin and Tilly
Edible Art Catering
Eidson, Bob and Robin
Eisley, Patricia
Elenbaas, Ron and Judie
Elenbaas, Steven and Anne
Feyen, Mark and Debra
Findlay, Mary
Foreman, James and Ann
Fraker, Pat and Robin
Frey, David and Judy
Fricano’s Pizza Tavern
G & L Greek Chili Dogs
Gaddini, Rudy and Julie
GHHS Class of 1960
Gilleland, J.B. and Kathy
Glasser, Richard and Leann
GMB Architects-Engineers
Godsman, Ms. F.
Graeter, Bob and Christi
Greater Ottawa County United Way Inc.
Greer, Jay and Patti / Jay Greer & Co.
Grimes, Scott and Kelly
Haeger, Milton
Hall, Mr. and Mrs. Jon
Hanenburg, Ed and Nancy
Hansen, Randy and Therese
Hardy, Mary
Harms, Tim and Anna
Harold A Ringelberg Trust
Hawkins, John
Hawkins, Wilhelmina
Hawley, Richard and Lynn
Hennesen, Jill
Hoffman, Max and Mary
Hoffman, Rick
Hoffmeyer, Ron and Mary
Holland New Car Dealers Association
Holman, William
Jacobson Bueche, Nancy
Jarvi, John and Joann
Jensen, Janet
Johnson, Erick and Holly
King, Lois
Knight, Jean
Kolb, David and Maxine
Kuiper, Rich and Susan
Lamb-Tonnemacher, Susan
Liang, Hung
Linderman, Craig
Lovett, Mr. and Mrs. Christopher
Lukasik, Ron and Linda
Martin, Bruce and Cathy
Martin, John and Jessie
Matick, George and Kathryn
McDonald, Carolyn
McDonald, Jon
McDowell, Virginia
McLaughlin, Damon and Kim
McManus, John and Laurie
Mersereau, Bob and Donnell
Mersereau, Muriel
Minor, Mr. and Mrs. Terry
Moessner, Kathryn
Mueller, Susan
Naser, John and Sharon
Northern Jet Management
Nova Cable Management Inc
Odell, Eugene
O’Neal, Jim and Nancy
Pab Designs
Palmer, Bill
Palmer, Dave and Nancy
Palmer, Edgar and Martha
Palmer, Jim and Kelly
Peterson, James
Pietrangelo, Nicholas and Barbara
Plowman, Dana
PreFontaine, Mike
Pronto Pup
Provencal, Jack
Queenan, Evelyn
Quiring, John and Joan
Ratchford, Michael and Char
Reenders, Mark and Jana
Reisterer, David and Gail
Richards, Suzanne
Richardson, Kathleen
Rickard, David and Barb
Roberts, Edward
Rogers, Cindy
Rohrs, John and Janet
Sandstrom, Betsy
Scanlan, Dan and Carol
Schmidt, Rodney and Joan
Scholtz, William and Kathy
Schubert, Mike and Debra
Secory, Lewis
Sher, James
Sherwood, Gary and Karen
Sherwood, Mark and Saralyn
Shoreline Container & Packaging
Slagel, Jerry and Linda
Sommerfeldt, Celia
Springer, Brad and Kathryn
Story, Mrs. L.
Strainer, John and Michelle
Surman, Bob and Kim
Swanson, Ralph and Cheryl
Swartout, Denny and Carol
Sweet Temptations
T & T Tools, Inc.
Taghon-Oleszczuk, Jeanine
Talmer West Bank
Taylor, Clifford and Hope
Terrill, Guy and Alisha
Thatcher, Debra
The Clover Bar
The Loutit Foundation
The Sign Factory
Thomas, Daniel and Wendy
Thompson, Rhonda
Tim and Jerry’s Shoes, Inc.
Tip A Few Tavern
Tomhave, Janet
VanZantwick, Dale and Susan
W. K. Kellogg Foundation
Wade, Clare
Walton, David and Katherine
Wardrop, John and Maribeth
Warners, Jim and Sheila
Whaley, Rocky
Winterhalter, Don and Penny
Young, Gene and Sandy
Zitta, Bob and Rosemary

$10 – $99

Ainsworth, Bud and Betsy
Ainsworth, C. Bennett
Allegan County United Way
Avram, Steve
Baas, Gary and Paula
Baggott, Beverly
Baker, Mr. and Mrs. Gary
Berkey, Matthew
Bonny, Barbara
Braak, Jack and Judy
Buntley, Dean
Cargo Masters Inc.
CBA Sales and Associates LLC
Church, Cathy
Coyle, Janet
Crawford, Jean
Devlin, Jeanine
DeYoung, Carol
DeYoung, Kent
Disbrow, Sid and Kathie
Dora, Mr. and Mrs. Mike
Drake, Jeremy and Kate
Erickson, Nelson and Betsy
Ewing, Wally and Jane
Fant, Nick
Flanigan, Karen
Foley, Tom
Fox, Happy
Franz, Robert
Grantz, Dennis
Griffin, Dr. and Mrs. Timothy
Groters, Steve and Diana
Guimond, Anne
Guimond, Frances
H & H Enterprises
Hall, Larry and Doreen
Hamm, Kathy
Harper, Mr. and Mrs. Edward
Haruki-Shelton, Ann
Harwell, Mr. and Mrs. David
Heidman, J. A.
Henzler, Judith
Hill, Audrianne
Hill, Mr. and Mrs. Forest
Hoekstra, Ellen
Horner, Mr. and Mrs. David
Houghton, Mr. and Mrs. Barry
Hutchins, Jane
Johnson, James
Jonas, Megan
Kelley, Jack and Joanne
Khodl, Steve and Sandra
Klaassen, Kurt and Jennifer
Klinger, Gloria
Klintworth, Dorothy
Kortman, Michael and Eva
Kramer, Norm
Kruggel, George and Joyce
Kuhn, Gerald and Linda
Lampen, Kathy
Larson, Ken and Susan
Lee, Marcus and Lisa
Lewis, Mr. and Mrs. J.
Livingston, Valerie
Lux, Mr. and Mrs. John
Manting, Marilyn
Marcus, Jeff and Julie
Mary A. White Elementary
Matych, Bob and Chris
McCaleb, Brian and Judy
McElfish, Mr. and Mrs. David
Mehall, Paul
Mehling, Mr. and Mrs. Dan
Mestrom, Mr. and Mrs. Edo
Metcalf, Karen
Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey
Milligan, Mr. and Mrs. Jerry
Moteberg, LaRoy
Mulling, Mr. and Mrs. Ron
Mundt, Gary
Nordin, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth
Olthoff, Jim and Ruth Ann
O’Malley, Sandra
Ostberg, Patricia
Ottawa Electric Inc.
Parchert, Anne
Payne, Mr. and Mrs. Mike
Penning, Susan
Pipp, Mary
Plowman, Marjorie
Polston, Kevin
Porter, Mr. and Mrs. James
Post, Ed and Barb
Quick, Mr. and Mrs. Robert
Randall, John and Pat
Reichardt, Field
Richardson, James and Melissa
Rickfelder, Jeff
Ringley, Lisa
Roberts, Mary
Rothi, Eugene
Rymal, Russ and Deb
Schakel, Louis and Deborah
Schutt, Larry
Secker, Miriam
Shelton, Mr. and Mrs. Michael
Sielski, Elizabeth
Sikkema, Donald and Dorothy
Sleva, Mike and Betsy
Sorensen, Roberta
Sorrelle, Patrick
Stader, Dave and Cindy
Start, Doug
Stauffer, Keith
Such, Frank
Suchecki, Douglas and Kelly
Taylor, Phillip and Mary Kay
Thomas, Chris and Shari
Thomas, Edward
Truitt, Nancy
Turner, David
Van Haaften, Lamar
VanAllsburg, Lester and Cathie
VanderWall, Dale
Veneklasen, Diane
Vivian, Bill and Linda
Walborn, David and Pat
Walborn, Glen and Carolyn
Walker, Dorothy
Weller, Harry and Kathy
Whitley, Doug and Nannette
Wilbert, Mr. and Mrs. Christopher
Williams, Chad
Wipperfurth, Mr. and Mrs. William
Wylen, Mr. and Mrs. Gordon
Young, David
Zaugra, John
Zuverink, Vernon