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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the foundation do? The mission of the Grand Haven Schools Foundation is to support education initiatives that increase school readiness and promote continued educational success throughout the preschool-fourth grade experience. We do this by providing preschool scholarships and funding additional programs that align with our mission.

Why do we need a foundation? The Grand Haven Schools Foundation was formed to ensure that critical and determined education opportunities are expanded to include all children in need and to create lasting community support.

Are we affiliated with the Grand Haven Area Community Foundation? The Grand Haven Area Community Foundation (GHACF) is the center for community giving, with a breadth of mission that allows it to make grants in any charitable field of interest.

By contrast, the Grand Haven Schools Foundation (GHSF) is a non-profit organization with a narrower, determined mission and vision. Although the two organizations are seperate entities, the GHSF endowment fund is held at the GHACF. We work as partners to fulfill the all-important mission of the GHSF.

How can I apply for a preschool scholarship for my child? Call (616) 850-6825 to apply for preschool scholarships.

Who is eligible to apply for preschool scholarships? Scholarships are based on household incomes.

Is there a deadline to apply? There is no deadline to apply for a scholarship, it is open enrollment.

If I have more than one child, can I apply more than once for a preschool scholarship? Yes, you can apply for more than one child.

What does the Grand Haven Schools Foundation fund other than preschool scholarships?GHSF funds education initiatives that increase school readiness and promote continued educational success for the pre-k through fourth grade experience.

How will my donations be used? Your donations will be used to provide preschool scholarships and other critical early learning opportunities to children in need in our community. Donations can be mailed to our endowment fund at the GHACF or donations can be mailed to P.O Box 272 Grand Haven, MI 49417 to support our immediate needs fund.