Why Preschool?

GHSF provides scholarships to children who qualify so they can attend preschool.  Research shows that 90% of the brain’s development takes place by age 4, laying the foundation for language, social behavior, problem solving, and emotional health. Early education can change your child’s life.

Children who attend a quality preschool:

  • Have fun!
  • Learn more words and begin to read more quickly
  • Engage in creative learning
  • Investigate the world around them
  • Learn behaviors and social skills that will make them successful in the classroom and in life (like sharing, following instructions, showing respect for peers and adults)

Research shows that these children are:

  • Less likely to repeat a grade
  • Have higher high-school graduation rates
  • Earn more in their jobs and experience lower rates of poverty
  • Are less likely to have problems with the law