Kids Read Now

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In addition to our ongoing efforts to provide preschool scholarships, we have committed to fund a research-based summer reading program-Kids Read Now, aimed at preventing “summer slide.” Summer slide, as it pertains to reading, refers to the decline in reading ability which can occur over the summer when school is not in session. At least two months of reading achievement can be lost during this time period and it can take roughly six weeks in the fall to reteach lost skills.

More than anything, we want children to build on their achievement and to develop a lifelong love of reading and learning. We are hoping to raise $23,000 in the next few months to enroll every student in kindergarten through third grade in the Grand Haven Area Public School district.

About Kids Read Now…

  • Managed Program: The program will be managed by each building principal and literacy coach.
  • Children Choose: Each child gets to choose and keep nine new books to read in the summer. The first three books will be given to children at a “Family Reading Night” and the rest will be mailed to each child throughout the summer.
  • Parent Tools: Weekly parent engagement reminders and ideas are texted, emailed, or phoned.
  • Books as Rewards: When children respond that a book has been read, another book on their list is mailed.